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I am a full time artist working from my farm studio in Abernethy, Perthshire.

I live with my partner Mike, we are engaged and getting married later in the year. Mike runs the farm with his father and we have a beautiful fox red labrador Voulen, a few hens and Max and Hairy the farm cats. Aswell as painting and farming life, Mike and I both spend a lot of time keeping fit, running, cycling, competing in sporting events and we love our activity holidays cycling in Majorca.

Most days I start my day running through the fields and tracks around the farm with the dog which is often a starting point for many of my ideas. Many of my ideas are quickly drawn out on sketch books before i paint them onto ceramics in the studio.

The studio houses all that I need to fulfil my passion of painting, including my kilns and my first kiln I bought age nineteen. The beautiful Perthshire countryside full of fields, age old trees, flowers, fauna and wildlife create a captivating view from the studio and often inspire some of my work.  The studio has a picture postcard window with a different scene everyday as the weather and seasons change across the beautiful Perthshire landscape.

sunny studio  studio

You will also notice a very Scottish theme throughout some of my work which always makes me laugh. I find people can always relate to them or know someone that does, especially “The Scottish Midgie” and “Grannies Breeks which are some of my personal favourites too. This combination makes for unique and interesting designs that have an old fashioned but still a very contemporary feel.

My Gran is also a big influence to my work.  She, herself is a talented craftswoman and you’ll often see her work alongside my ceramics such as her handmade Harris Tweed flowers..

Michelle_Morton_DesignsI have a particular love of hens and have enjoyed keeping them since I was young. I keep a small brood at the farm. They wander around the farm all day and always make me smile usually with a worm or a frog in their beak. The hens are certainly one of my favourite themes and have influenced a lot of my work to date. The hen theme can also be seen throughout my logo and branding.

Michelle Morton Designs - May 2015-89Michelle Morton DesignsMichelle_Morton_Designs hen

All of my products on this website have been designed, hand painted and fired by myself. Each item is slightly different as they are all genuine little pieces of hand painted art. I sign each piece personally and take great care with attention to detail. My signature pieces are hand painted milk bottles and milk cartons, both old fashioned designs yet now very contemporary and versatile products. Some of my latest work is a combination of both paint and ceramic pencil all beautifully finishing with lovely ribbon.

I take great pride in my work, I am passionate about painting and I love what I do.




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