Ceramic Care

Caring for your ceramics is so important. Below is some general care instructions and a list of do’s and do not’s to ensure your hand painted ceramics last a life time!

All my ceramics are food safe. Please use them and love them every day, they are not just for display.

All of my ceramics are extremely breakable please handle with extra care.

Sudden temperature changes should also be avoided.

Ceramics will get scratched and hair line cracks will appear over time with lots of love and use. This is normal.

Do not use domestic appliances if the piece is precious.  Continual expansion and contraction of the piece will weaken the ceramics over time and may cause cracking.

Please take extra care as the ceramics can get very hot as they are porous and can trap moisture.

Do not put on a stove burner or open flame.
Do not put in a preheated oven

I do not recommend using the ceramics in the microwave. The microwave can cause ceramics to get extremely hot as the earthenware is generally porous and will absorb the moisture.

I do not recommend washing the ceramics in the dishwasher. Over time the high temperatures of dishwashers can effect the glaze and cause the glaze to become dull in places. Damage in the dishwasher can occur also. Please HAND WASH the ceramics.

There is no warranty on Michelle Morton Ceramics.

I hope you enjoy them as much as i did painting them!.


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